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The normal weekly programme is detailed below. Additionally, courts can be booked throughout the week using the booking system on ClubSpark (members need to register using their issued LTA login).



4pm-5pm - Orange ball open session

5pm-6pm - Green/yellow ball open session

5pm onwards - Club social mix in



4pm-5pm - Red ball open session

5pm-6.30pm - Invitational squads

5pm onward - Adult team practice



9:30-11:30 - Club social morning mix-in

4:30pm - Invitational squads

6pm onwards - League matches



4-5pm - Red ball open session

5-7.30pm - Invitational squads

7.30-9pm - Community adult sessions (also open to non-members)



5pm onwards - Club session - mix in (with arranging between 6 & 7:30pm)



9-10am - Red/Orange ball open sessions

10-11am - Red improvers

10-11am - Green/yellow ball open sessions

11-1pm - Yellow improvers/matchplay

1.30pm onwards - Club social mix in - occasional league matches will take place



10am onwards - League matches

(Other courts still available)


All members are entitled to play without a booking if there are free courts available.



1.  Juniors have priority on Court 4 on Monday to Friday up to 5.00pm.


2.  The Coach has priority on court 6 Monday to Friday up to 5.00pm


3.  All senior members may book courts up to one week in advance at times other than those shown above. It is the responsibility of  members to check the Bookings Diary before play.


4.  All members are entitled to play at any open times without a booking if there are free courts available. In the event that there are people waiting to play, players will come off court on completion of a set, subject to a singles ladder match which shall be completed.


5.  Team practice - all members who are interested in playing in teams are welcome


6.  Visitors may play up to four times provided they pay a fee of £4, and are signed in to the Visitors Book before going on court.


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