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Our friendly members, beautiful location, and well equipped clubhouse  with kitchen and bar, make for a strong social life.


There are regular social activities throughout the summer, suppers after club tennis on Friday evenings in the summer, quiz nights, curry evenings, the Wimbledon ballot night and groups of people cook their own suppers in the evenings after arranged games.


We also arrange open days, and competive events for all levels, including regular American Tournament nights from May to the end of September. These events normally take place on the last Friday of the month and are great fun, food and bar are available on these nights.

Lara Healy is the Social Secretary, and will always be pleased to have ideas for new events or offers of help - there's an email link on the left of this page.

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In June 2014, club chairman Graham Whiteley asked John Pollock, trustee and former chairman of the club for his recollection of the club's history - he wrote:


"The club was originally formed just after WW2 in 1946 and hired its courts from the Council at Boscawen Park. The club was allowed only 2 courts at specified times and so it was necessary to keep the number of members at no more than 40. Tricia & Andrew formed a juniors club at Boscawen Park in the early 1980s, and it was then decided as a joint venture to see if we could get a permanent home. Rae McCormack and I scoured the district and eventually we came across a disused field at Newbridge, which belonged to the local famer, John Trethowan. This seemed an ideal spot for the club and John Trethowan was only too pleased to help, and he granted us a lease of the site for 99 years. Mike Whitham drew up the plans for 4 courts, but of course we had absolutely no money. I had long sessions with the LTA and they gave us a substantial loan, and the members had to match this loan by debentures. Work was started and the four courts were ready in September 1986. The number of members was about 30, plus the juniors from Tricia's club, and virtually the whole membership set to to clear the site, planting and providing a shed as a pavillion, and digging for the septic tank and the water connection. There was a grand opening in May 1987, and the numbers rapidly increased. After a couple of years the four courts were not sufficient and John Trethowan let us have some more land to build two more courts. Finance in those early days was extremely difficult, and members had to dig into their own pockets to keep the club going, but as numbers increased and we got floodlights, things became a bit easier. We progressed from one shed to another as a pavillion, until Mike Whitham designed the present pavillion which was formally opened in 19  (can't remember the date, but it is on the plaque on the front of the pavillion) by Alan Mills. I think that the rest of the history is known to you [...]